Do you know what TENCEL™ is?

How much science has been put into developing this fabric and why it is so important we learn about it?

We have collected some very important facts about TENCEL™.

TENCEL™ is a trademark name of lyocell or modal, a natural fabric made of eucalyptus bark. The eucalyptus is grown in Austria, Australia, America and China in specially managed groves.

  • First, rayon cellulose fiber is created.
  • To convert wood pulp into fiber, low toxicity solvents are used and recycled and used again
  • The process to create those fibers is environmentally responsible.
  • Unique physical properties of TENCEL™ lyocell fibers lead to their great strength, efficient moisture absorption and gentleness to skin
  • Modal fibers are known for being exquisitely soft and pleasant to the skin. Exhibiting high flexibility

Big advantages of TENCEL™

  • TENCEL™  is more absorbent than cotton because it is made of nanofibrils, meaning minuscule fibers or filaments. This superior wicking property makes TENCEL™ an excellent choice for sensitive skin
  • Breathable
  • TENCEL™ is stronger and more durable than both cotton and linen, and is stronger than cotton when wet
  • Shallow environmental footprint, it is produced in a ‘closed loop’ system with low emissions and minimal waste
  • Almost a completely “green” material: a half acre of forestland otherwise unsuitable for farming can produce enough eucalyptus trees, no need for pesticide or irrigation, to produce a ton of material
  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable

 Try it today and feel the difference yourself.