Designer in black holding a white veil over a model's head.


Two best friends created the company TWO SEPTEMBERS in September of 2017. Our love for style and minimalism launched the idea of our brand. We wanted to create an alternative to low-quality overabundant, trend oriented fast-fashion clothes.

We value the demands of the modern-day consumer who is looking for the impeccable quality and versatile designs that should last. We strive to nourish the beauty of our client and of the planet we live on.


TWO SEPTEMBERS is a sustainable luxury fashion clothing brand for mature rebels.


We are SLOW because we know that change takes time, precision, persistence and dedication.

We create high-quality, exquisite, timeless designs you can wear for years.

We choose sustainable materials for our collections whenever possible. We work with partners who care about the impact their companies have on our planet and our society.

Fashion industry is the second dirtiest industry in the world. In order to change that, we need warriors who, like us, believe in better future, want to wear better clothes and trust timeless style.

We tirelessly test our designs to prove that they can outlast even the heavy use over and over again.

Years of experience, help us create versatile product that will stay in style for a very long time, allowing you to look effortlessly fashionable and beautiful without spending a fortune on trends.


We create high quality, exquisite, timeless apparel that compliments life of a contemporary woman who choses style, comfort and smart design. We strive to be conscious of the world we create. We invite you to join our fight against the low-quality fast-fashion clothing and we will equip you with the best instrument – style.


By sharing love for smart style and design and being a resource of inspiration and elegance, we strive to create an international community of beautiful, strong, supportive, caring, exceptional, and authentic women.


You are a woman. You are comfortable with who you are and know what you want. You are authentic and confident. You know what real fashion is. You stopped chasing trends a long time ago. You care about the future. You are conscious about your choices: you eat healthy, chose organic, recycle, choose non-toxic skin care, drive Eco-friendly car. Sustainability is a loaded word and you know the meaning. You are ready to take steps towards a better future along with the fashion industry. You need to be confident in a brand to deliver the best quality, style and comfort. You want to look like a stylist shopped with you, but don’t have time for hours and hours in the mall.

You are ready to trust a brand to deliver style to your doorstep. You are ready to proudly wear clothes that are both beautifully crafted and ethically produced.

You know Fashion

You can Spot quality in milliseconds

Your friend is the whole world

Your enemy is the mass-market

You’re fighting for a better future

Give us a try and we guarantee love at first touch.