Fall Winter

Sustainable Collection inspired by paintings of Martiros Sarian


Fall Winter 2020-2021

flowing scarf

Inspired by works of Martiros Sarian

  • Organic and Recycled Fabric and Thread
  • Bio-Degradable Buttons
  • Sustainable Production

Working together towards a better future of fashion

two septembers logo

~ Ես ուժեղացնում եմ գույնը, ստվերները, որպեսզի շողշողա լույսը

~ Я усиливаю цвет, усиливаю тени, чтобы сильнее зазвучал свет

~I intensify the color, the shadows, so that the light shines.


– Martiros Sarian

colorful jacket

~ Цвет – это истинное чудо!

~ Color is the real miracle!

– Martiros Sarian

~ Сердце земли находится в сердце человека. Все берет начало в этом сердце.

~ The heart of the Earth is inside of the human heart. All begins in that heart.

– Martiros Sarian

Light and color are the most impressive aspects of art by Martiros Sariyan, Armenian artist, who lived in the beginning of 20th century, inspired our Fall Winter 20-21 collection. His love for nature, unique colors produced by light at different times of day, shadows that are full of life became the foundation for fabrics, prints and forms. TWO SEPTEMBERS is a Russian American brand creating sustainable luxury capsules since 2017. We believe in changing the world of fashion one collection at a time. With every choice we make, we take one step forward towards an ethical fashion worth wearing and keeping in your closets for generations...


  • Designer – Anna Sasina @annasasina
  • Photographer – Nikolay Petrinich @nikolay _petrinich
  • Model – Zhenya Kovich @Janekovich
  • Make-up and Body Art – Svetlana Lanova @svetlana_lanova
  • Assistants – Andrey Shmyrev @andrew_shm, Julia Vakulenko @punechka_u
  • Editing – Anna Compton @be_ bright_ designs

“Leave the Road, Take the Trail.”

– Pythagoras